putti atti


Baby bottles made with 100% Silicone

Putti Atti

TWO HOLE NIPPLE: Includes Stage 2 nipple that creates a medium steady flow of milk allowing your baby to get used to drinking greater quantities of milk at a slightly faster pace

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Real Customer Reviews

"I love this cup! It's light enough that my 13 month old carries around with her everywhere and easy to clean."

-Sung Jun Chun

Real Customer Reviews

"Best non-plastic cup I’ve tried. It stands up to abuse, is relatively easy to clean, and it’s easy for my baby to use"


Real Customer Reviews

"My LO figured this out in one day and can use it by herself now (10 months). I love that the water never gets into contact with plastic"

-Berry Nelly


The Putti Atti bottle is made from 100% liquid silicon and is flexible, non-toxic, and eco-
friendly. The brand’s products have been approved by the US FDA and the European Safety
Standard. The bottle’s patented design prevents spillage and features a colic prevention
valve that reduces unwanted air intake. The bottle itself has handles, that allow the baby to
improve cognitive skills needed to learn how to properly and independently drink.