Putti Atti Silicone Baby Bottle 8.8 fl oz/Pink/2PK Bundle with Silicone Baby Nipples Stage 3 & 4 (4 Items)

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  • FEEDING SET AND BUNDLE INFORMATION: Bundle has a total of 4 items including 2 Silicone Baby Bottles (8.8 fl oz/Pink), 1 Silicone Baby Nipple Stage 3, and 1 Silicone Baby Nipple Stage 4. Provide a comfortable and reassuring feeding experience for your newborn! As a set, our bundle is the perfect gift idea for all baby showers and family gatherings. It is the ideal starter set for mom and baby with multiple bottle and nipple sizes.
  • RECOMMENDED AGE: Silicone Baby Bottle (3 Months +), Nipple Stage 3 (6 Months +), Nipple Stage 4 (8 Months +)
  • SILICONE BABY BOTTLE: Patented inhale/exhale valve prevents leaking and ensures that liquid does not flow backwards reducing unwanted colic, spit, and backwash. Includes Stage 2 nipple, two holes creates a medium steady flow of milk allowing your baby to get used to drinking greater quantities of milk at a slightly faster pace
  • NIPPLE STAGE 3: Three holes allow for fast flow of liquid and is designed for babies who spend less time drinking milk but still require the same quantity. Putti Atti’s Baby Nipples grow with your baby with multiple different stages available
  • NIPPLE STAGE 4: Y cut shape allows for fast flow of liquid and is designed for babies who drink milk at a rapid pace. Baby nipple is naturally shaped to simulate a mother’s breast and eliminate nipple confusion